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The Candlelit Yoga and Meditation Night
21st December 7 - 9pm 
Celebrate the Winter Solstice 

I will be holding a warming evening event which will include a gentle yoga practice, meditation, music, spicy chai and most importantly the ritual consumption of tasty cake 

Midwinter's night has been a time of celebration, rest, and emotional and physical nourishment for thousands of years. Right before you enjoy the longest night of the year and the brightest lights of the season, this evening can serve as a time to stop and think about your hopes for the new year and act as a reminder that you carry the light within you- you shine 

Stay balanced during this cold, chaotic time of year and treat yourself to an evening of light and. loveliness. 

Contact Sarah to book a place. Spaces are limited so best to get your own and your friends spaces

reserved early. 

£28 per person. Spread the word! 

Warm Winter Hugs!
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