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About Sarah

Sarah is a lot of things. Her CV looks a little like a menu for a restaurant that hasn’t decided what country it’s in, but that definitely delivers something special. She has dedicated 24 years to the practice of yoga and has expanded into a unique facilitator who cares deeply about her students.

She currently works as an Anukalana (try to get your tongue around that one!) and Acro Yoga Teacher, an Event and Retreat Organiser and the Creative Director of The MoonCow Yoga Festival.

Armed with a degree in Psychology, Sarah carries over 15 years experience in Dance and Performance Arts education, serving as an examiner for GCSE, A-Level and IB qualifications, and excelling in theatre directing and choreography.  She trained as a traditional Yoga Teacher in India 2010 and has hosted yoga courses, workshops and retreats in the UK, Madrid, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tuscany, Portugal, Thailand, Cambodia and the Himalayas.

Sarah enthusiasm for continuous evolution led to taking advanced Yoga Teacher Training courses in the Anukalana approach to Yoga with Samadhi Yoga at Villa Vrindavana, and an additional certification in AcroYoga in Sweden in 2018. Recent endeavors include training in yoga and tantra therapy, leading her to offer one-to-one transformational coaching sessions and women's circles.

Sarah now finds fulfillment sharing her expertise at festivals and events worldwide, as well as founding her own curious creations! Her expansive skill-set and commitment to holistic well-being make her a dynamic and sought-after professional in the global yoga and wellness community.

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