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The Stretch and Snooze
Yoga Bear Workshop
11th November 7 - 9pm 
The bears have got it right! 

When the long, dark, cold winter arrives, they have a stretch out, a big yawn, make themselves especially comfortable, and settle down to sleep for the next few months in a snug den, away from 'civilised' society. They slow their breathing and heart rate down (to about two breaths and four beats per minute!) and they relax - really relax!

We will be taking a leaf out of the brown bear's book, practicing a lovely gentle kind of yoga with all the best poses (the ones you want to stay in forever!), we’ll be doing a spot of self-massage with tennis balls, we'll be using yogic breathing techniques to really calm down the nervous system, we'll do some soothing meditation before finding our perfect savasana, our perfect blanket and relaxing... really relaxing! After our hibernation we'll wake rejuvenated to a tasty hot chocolate (with extra marshmellows) and ready to take on the winter!

Please email Sarah to book your place (there is limited availability so it's best to get in quick to reserve your den spot next to your friends).

£30 per person

Big Yogi Bear Hugs!

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